Nora Frimpong: "My White Coat Means"


My white-coat ceremony came with mixed emotions: the uncertainty of how I would handle the rigorous curriculum, to the nervousness of meeting new peers, and the joy of finally embarking on the journey that will allow me to obtain the education and training in preparation to handle and care for the lives of people.

Classes started and days went by quickly. It was already the fourth day and I was striving to adjust; the most challenging aspect was deciding on how I would go about my studies. Here, I was reminded that this was no longer in college where you could cram two days before an exam and would do just fine; it was a time to study and apply.

When I arrived home from classes that day and looked around my room, I concluded that I was right after all. The post-it notes spread out all over my study table, my highlighted notes on sickle cell disease laying everywhere, and my giant pathology textbook propped open on the floor, all pointed to the same conclusion; all I am learning, is in the hopes of one day being able to utilize that information in caring for others. I immediately realized that my actions, thoughts, grades, and even study techniques must all speak in accordance, as they will be translated into how I will treat my patients in the future. This white coat represents the duty I have, to assure the well-being of others.

-Nora Frimpong, MD Candidate, Class of 2020