Arthur Jurao: "My White Coat Means"


Do you know why doctors wear white?

For centuries, medicine was not as effective as one would expect; treatment was based on ancient knowledge of anatomy, folklore, and traditional remedies rather than real scientific evidence, and despite the best efforts of physicians at the time, patients suffered for it. Healers actually wore black out of a sense of formality or gravity in the face impending death.

It was only in the last century that medicine embraced clear scientific practices. We learned that disease can be spread by germs, and developed medications and techniques to sterilize ourselves and prevent infections that have plagued humanity for generations. Physicians began to wear laboratory coat white as a way to reflect this new outlook, one of truth seeking, cleanliness, and new life.

The white coat is a symbol of our vow to do no harm, of hope for the future, and a reminder to always seek new ways to aid those in need of our help, in whatever capacity that may be.

Every time I put on my white coat, that is the message I want to send to anyone who sees it.

-Arthur Jurao, MD Candidate, Class of 2019