Nazifa Rahman: My White Coat Means


My white coat is a humble reminder to me first and foremost of the responsibility I carry to serve and care for my future patients. It is an emblem of dedication, hard-work, and commitment. My white coat also gives me a greater sense of purpose. Medicine is about understanding and listening to other human beings just as much as it is about the study of human bodies.  A medical school student just starting out in her career in medicine, when I put on my white coat, the newness of it gives me a paradoxical feeling of both pride and humility. From my 4th grade elementary school teacher who encouraged my love of learning to my college mentors to my most beloved supporters, my parents, Iā€™m humbled by all of these role models who shaped who I am and allowed me the opportunity to contemplate what this white coat means.  I hope to wear this humility and gratitude throughout my journey in medicine.

-Nazifa Rahman, MD Candidate, Class of 2019