Introducing the soon-to-be-named A Cappella Group

While singing in the hospital this past December, the Music and Medicine crew met a family whose son was recovering from his second surgery for brain cancer. They asked if our medical school a cappella group could sing in May after the Race for Hope, an annual brain cancer fundraising walk.

The only problem was, we weren’t an a cappella group. However, without hesitation we agreed, and with six months and some very talented musicians, we went to work to make it happen! 

On May 7th, we had the privilege of singing at the after-race party for Team Willie Strong, a team of family and friends who this year raised $49,030.64!!!! 

The a cappella group, who are currently in a heated debate over what to name the group, have since performed at the Cadaver Donor Mass and at Iona Senior Services. We’re looking forward to more performances this year!