Frank Migliarese: "My White Coat Means"


This phrase and question from the story of Cain and Abel has always resonated with me because I have always been my brother's keeper, literally. My brother was born with Spina Bifida, a congenital birth defect, and I, along with my family, was responsible for helping him with his daily care. Living with my brother taught me what it means to be responsible for another's well-being and more importantly how much families, friends, and communities do to support the ones they love. My white coat means taking responsibility for the care of all in the community I serve, ensuring that patients and their support systems have the power to live fulfilling lives. I do so compassionately and humbly. All who come to me are my family and will be treated as such.  Together, as a team, we can be each other's keepers and support each other through our journeys in life.

-Frank Migliarese, MD Candidate, Class of 2020