Jaspreet Bahia: "My White Coat Means"


My white coat is a symbol of trust. Every time I put on my white coat people not only look at me differently, but also treat me differently. It’s only been my first month of medical school and a patient has already disclosed intimate details about their life to me. A patient has already trusted me with things that they were not comfortable telling their closest friends and family members. What have I done to earn the trust that comes with wearing this white coat? I think I was given this coat because someone believed in me, someone believed that I can be trusted to show every patient I encounter empathy, compassion, and give each and every patient the care they deserve. Every time I put on my white coat it is a reminder of the trust I was given and it is a new opportunity to show I am worthy of this trust.

-Jaspreet Bahia, MD Candidate, Class of 2020